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Security Solutions
for Your Industry


Insurance companies are known to store large amounts of information about their policyholders. This practice makes them a target for cybercriminals. It is expected that attacks against the insurance industry will continue to grow in frequency and severity.

Banking & Financial Services

Financial services are at the heart of our global economy and it’s safe to say cybercrime is a major risk for the banking system.

These risks are increased by:

  • The continued digitization of financial services

  • The obsolescence of certain banking information systems 

  • The interconnection with third-party information systems and, by extension, migration to the cloud


Due to the sharp increase in remote learning and virtual classrooms, the education sector experienced a “record-breaking” year of cyber attacks in 2020.
“Students are practically born with technology between their hands, but they don’t have the information about security”
To strengthen information security in an educational environment, students, teachers, and employees require access to a mixture of education and IT security solutions.

Energy & Utilities

Cyber security in the energy & utilities sector cannot be an afterthought. It must be prioritized and ruthlessly tested, and confirmed.

If a cyber attack allows a manufacturing component to overheat, it could be an expensive and time-consuming problem. If an attack impacts the power grid, it could put lives at stake.


For government, cybersecurity isn’t only a challenge—it’s a big obstacle to long-awaited digital transformation. Plus, the stakes are sky-high: Hacking public-sector information might imperil national security as well as citizens’ trust.
Pakistan’s new cybersecurity policy will include a new governance and institutional framework for a ‘secure cyber ecosystem’, along with computer emergency response teams (CERTs) and security operations centers (SOCs) at national, sector, and institutional levels.

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