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Telecom Cyber Security

We’re obsessed with telecom network security. Our core team has been at the forefront of telecom security across the generations of telecom evolution — legacy technologies and now 5G.

Our team leverages its deep and broad cybersecurity expertise, research-driven DNA, and global advisory experience to help organizations design, build, reinforce, and rollout secure and robust network operations, with a focus on 5G network

Products for Telecom Security

  • AI-enabled Signaling Breach and Attack Simulation platform

  • IDS platform provides MNOs with complete, end-to-end visibility of the telecom network in real-time

  • NGFW platform combines comprehensive visibility with intelligence and high-powered analytics to safeguard the network and the extended 5G ecosystem

Services for Telecom Security

  • 5G Security Program

  • Cyber Security Expertise

  • Telecom Security Program

  • Fraud Risk Analysis Program

  • Telecom Incident Investigation

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