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Cyber Security Consulting
& Services

7 Alpha is growing slowly with a content pace to become the largest and fastest growing ‘True Reseller’ of known international Brands in Pakistan. Today 7 Alpha, recognized as a Trusted Cyber & Cloud Advisor between our clients in the region. The portfolio called the 7 Alpha Solutions Lifecycle, helps clients differentiate offerings and assists them to identify key risks and define priorities for addressing IT Security challenges.

Our Services

Our Services

Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to large firms - and deliver lasting changes with measurable growth. Please get in touch with us today to learn how 7 Alpha can help your future.


Endpoint security management is a software approach that helps to identify and manage the users' computer and data access over a corporate network.


Network security is a set of rules and configurations designed to protect the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of computer networks and data using both software and hardware technologies.


Application security is the process of making apps more secure by finding, fixing, and enhancing the security of apps. Much of this happens during the development phase, but it includes tools and methods to protect apps once they are deployed.

Assessments and Pentest Services

An external/internal assessment to identify and prioritize all security vulnerabilities associated with IT assets, resources and network infrastructure.
A simulated external/internal cyberattack in an attempt to intentionally breach and exploit IT security

Security Operations

A combination of the information security and IT departments in a business working together to detect, contain, and recover from cyber security incidents

Security Awareness Training (SAT)

Security awareness training is to prevent and mitigate user risk. These programs are designed to help users and employees understand the role they play in helping to combat information security breaches.

Other IT Solutions & Services

IT Software & Hardware solutions are the backbone for any Cyber security implementation, We keep focus on our clients by providing them all IT solutions under one Umbrella.

Managed SOC

Security leaders are increasingly outsourcing their security initiatives to managed security services providers to improve level of expertise, demonstrate impact, and reduce the complexity.

Telecom Security

Cybersecurity in telecom industries is a vital and fundamental part of ensuring the protection of the telecommunications landscape


"We appreciate the hardwork of 7 Alpha team in deployment of Endpoint security solution for our organization.”

M. Farooq Akhtar
Director of IT, Quiad e Azam Hospital

Ready to find out more?

As a First need of Security we are giving a free Gap Analysis for IT infrastructures.
Take this opportunity to the next level of Protection.

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